Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Prerequisites None Stage 1 completion or basic survival ability in either Hindi or Urdu. Stage 2 completion or basic conversation ability in most aspects of daily life. Completion of the Stage 3 preliminary readings and inventory.
Camp Duration 4 days 3 days 3 day
Program Duration for a Full time Learner 2-4 months 9-12 months 12 months +
Goal of Program Enables a beginner to learn how to survive in everyday life using local language. Equips you to talk about everyday subjects and to tell stories and events. Takes you to an advanced level in communicating about “heart-level” and professional topics.
Language Offered Hindi & Urdu Hindi & Urdu Hindi & Urdu
Language of Resource Material English English English

Stage 1

“I am from Canada.” “Where is the nearest mechanic?” “I have a headache.” “Tomorrow I will go to Delhi.”

Stage 1 will give you the basics of the language in order to function in India. By the end of Stage 1 you will have a vocabulary of 1500 words. You will be able to give directions, talk about yourself and your family, understand the names of common objects, make purchases, and even tell a (very) simple story! You will be able to speak survival Hindi or Urdu!

Stage 1 is designed as a 2-4 month immersion in the language to familiarize the newcomer with daily life in India. It provides a solid base of vocabulary before beginning Stage 2.

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites, though many find it helpful to start learning Hindi script before Camp.

Stage 1 is available in English.

Start Up Camp for Stage 1 is 4 days.

Stage 2

Stage 2 takes you beyond survival towards mastery of everyday topics. In Stage 2 you will focus on understanding and drilling grammar in order to express yourself accurately. Your vocabulary will widen in everyday subjects such as friendship, family, and food. You will learn the language necessary to hire somebody, and you will be able to express hopes for the future. Stories will become a major focus as you tell about events in your life and recount experiences you share with your helper.

Stage 2 is designed to be completed in 9-12 months. The grammar component is learned either from a tutor or at a language school. This can be done throughout the 9 months or as an intensive grammar course. Writing and reading become more prominent, but speaking is still in the forefront of the learning process.

At the end of Stage 2 you should be able to join conversations on everyday topics with ease. You should have a working knowledge of the most common grammar elements.

Prerequisite: Completion of Stage 1 (or course equivalent approved by an OSLS consultant)

Stage 2 is available in English.

Start Up Camp for Stage 2 is 3 days.

Stage 3

If you are able to communicate about everyday life and discuss familiar topics with ease, you are ready for Stage 3. Stage 3 takes you to a fuller understanding of Hindi and Urdu, giving you deeper insight into Indian culture. Learning is focused on abstract topics such as opinions, beliefs, and feelings. We assist you in designing your own curriculum to address your specific professional needs and to strengthen weak areas in vocabulary and grammar.

Stage 3 is designed for 12 months.

Prerequisite: Completion of Stage 2 (or course equivalent approved by an OSLS consultant)

Stage 3 is available in English.

Start Up Camp for Stage 3 is 3 days.